The Elswick automobile has become a classic, evoking very fond memories for many of us. If you are either the past or current owner of an Elswick Envoy we would love to hear from you – and your memories.

As we celebrate 30 years of the Mobility Roadshow it is an opportunity to reflect fondly on highlights from past years, albeit that some of the models look more than outdated. However each in its day has been a driving force to allow a greater level of mobility for those of us less able.

No matter how brief, do share your Elswick tales including the relevant years and if possible pictures of this wonderful classic! Our picture was taken at one of the early Mobility Roadshows.

History: The Elswick was an English automobile produced in Newcastle upon Tyne from 1903 until 1907. Created by the ‘futurist’ designer William Towns, he called it the Townscar (a pun on his name) and one early report described it as a ‘curious but radical small car’.

It was not until several years later when a bicycle manufacturer called Elswick bought the rights and set up Elswick Special Vehicles Ltd. They produced and marketed the car as the Elswick Envoy launched late in 1981, and it is not surprising to learn that the bodywork was made by Reliant as they did not have the facilities. This automatic vehicle was designed for a disabled driver and came with a made-to-measure wheelchair.