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Thread: User testing participants needed - we're paying!

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    Paul TPL

    User testing participants needed - we're paying!

    Hi folks

    I work for a company called Test Partners (you can read a bit about us and what we do on our Accessibility Testing page), and we provide advice to our clients on how to make websites accessible to everyone.

    Now and again, we get asked to test websites with real people. We ask participants to complete a few tasks, and talk through how they find it to complete. Note that we will not be testing you but the website. If anything is too difficult, then we need to look at the website design..!

    It usually only lasts an hour, and we usually pay between £50 - £60 (depending on the clients budget!) to the participant.

    We have an office in Central London, where we carry out these sessions, but it may be possible to visit you in your own home if you'd rather and you are in the London area. We prefer not to conduct this research over the phone, but in exceptional circumstances, it may be considered.

    I have a project coming up very soon where I need to find a number of participants who have a variety of considerations when using a computer. These include not being able to use a mouse, and relying on the keyboard (or use something completely different like an iPad or tablet) or who use an assistive technology, or even someone who has problems concentrating for a long time or who has something like dyslexia.

    I can't say who the client is, but it is a very popular website. As well as making a few quid, you'll be making a big contribution to making sure a website that many, many people rely upon every day is accessible to as many people as possible, too.

    If you are interested, please do get in touch.

    If you have any general questions, please post them here so I can share the answers with group!
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