The gradient a Mobility Scooter can handle is a consideration when choosing a Scooter. If you live in a particularly hilly area or if your roads and kerbs are not in the best condition then choosing a Mobility Scooter that can cope with a Gradient of only a couple of percent is not going to be of much use to you.

The options available range from a mere 1-2% to an amazing 21% with the average and everyday useable 6-8%.

Gradient is not the only consideration when negotiating your Scooter around your locality or further afield. Ground clearance / Deck height is as important especially if you donít want to find yourself impaled on a kerb as you try to cross the road on your way to the local shops!

As with gradient there is a vast range of ground clearances in the Mobility Scooter models available. We suggest prospective owners should look for a ground clearance of between 3″ to 6″.

There are many Mobility Scooter choices but none will handle an Escalator!
That stated no Mobility Scooter is designed to go up an Escalator as a lady in Boston recently discovered You Tube.
Some Mobility Scooter suggestions for extreme and everyday use:

Although the UK Mobility Team have reviewed some fantastic All Terrain and Off Road Mobility Scooters in their time not even the Horizon Mayan or M1 4W Mini Crosser could have handled that incline.

For everyday use on the Pavement the TGA Eclipse Mobility Scooter
with its 3″ ground clearance would be a perfect choice and for on Road then consider the
TGA Breeze 4 with its massive 6″ ground clearance and ability to cope with an incline of 21%

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