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My good friend who lives just down the road had lived in her mothers 2 bedroom house for nearly 40yrs, her mother had died suddenly and now she will have a spare bedroom that she will need to pay for?

Now Cameron wants people to down size if you can not afford to pay this Tax, that's easier said then done my friend is now stuck there and there is simply not enough smaller 1 bedroom properties around her area, what does Cameron want her to do now move location?

I just think its time this PM gets booted out and very soon
Hi there I'm writing an article for a student paper and wish to tell someones story to get across the pressure these new changes such as the bedroom tax is effecting people.
Is there anyway your friend or you yourself would talk to me via email if you wish i realise this must be a delicate time for her about how the tax is effecting her and the pressure its now putting her under?
I would appreciate that