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    Just back from my Remploy induction thingy.It's located in a steeply sloping street in Glasgow centre.Just to make it easier for us TLBs,I guess.Walked in, stood at the desk and was ignored by the staff.Decided to go over to the waiting area were other TLBs were seated.Oh!Slight snag!Not enough seats so leant against a wall.Eventually more people arrived so I went back to the desk and got signed in.Went back and leant against a wall for 10 minutes before we were all called into a back room.Now let me remind you all,fellow TLBs, this is an organisation that aims to help the disabled into work but seem incapable of providing sufficient seats for the TLBs to sit it is a disabled aware organisation.The Jobcentre Plus can offer you a seat .Even Working Links have ample seating.The thing I noticed apart from the distinct lack of seats was the staff all seem to be young people who are a bit too happy at their work.It's a great chance to socialise for them,obviously.They look as if they were recruited by an advertising agency and are all,of course,big surprise,disability free. A PR job in other words.I'm back in on Thursday for a one-to -one session .If there are no seats again I'm offski!Right out the door!

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    from what i saw on Panorama last night it seems clear these classes were invented to simply keep people on their toes, running back and fourth and made to believe that they will be getting somewhere in a few months time but in actual fact they were just created so that the goverment could say "SEE, we are MAKING some changes to help those work-shy scroun- oh sorry i mean disabled people get back into work!"

    Bastards! the lot of them
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    There are really any classes as far as I can see.I'm seeing an advisor if I get a seat in the waiting area that is.Bring in a CV and they create an action plan which will be what I've already been doing since July ie.applying for loads of admin jobs that I've no chance of getting.

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    Should have been "aren't".

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaicee58 View Post
    Should have been "aren't".
    lol that's ok, I knew that's what you meant.

    #sigh# remember the good old days when Britain was full of potential... whatever happened to this place??? :-(

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    Just back from seeing the DEA .He was surprised about my experience at Remploy.Surprise surprise he was sympathetic towards them and was rash enough to try and use psychology on me - " How much of this was your fault and how much was it their fault?"
    My reply " All their fault!" He looked a bit shocked at this.So does he mean that my face is wrong or my disability is to blame?I'm supposed to think I "made" them give me crap service.Should be going to Remploy tomorrow(weather permitting).Curious to hear what they say about my complaint to their head office.

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