Now this thad may well get some hits from all our mysterious guests.

Yes folks, disabled people have needs. Unless you're married, cohabiting, have a partner then look away.

On Thursday I'm off to Yorkshire to meet up with a 'friend'. I don't know her very well but we've been in touch since October.

Frightening as it may seem she's younger than I, able-bodied, in work and is separated. Personnaly I find her very attractive. Let's put it this way - she's far to good for me - so why are we seeing each other - good question! She's reaching out for me . Why? Well she has some understanding of disability as her son returned from Iraq, as a marine, with a war injury.

Is she my type?Well she's creative - an artist and poet - fine as I'm creative too. When I met her for thefirst time she's tall, slender, sun glasses on top of head and drives a flash soft top sports car and is often abroad in interesting places.
Oh god, what on earth does a 'crip' like me have to offer - mmm nothing glamorous, spectacular or expensive.

But perhaps she sees something in me that the average 'able-bodied' guy doesn't have.

At this stage I won't presume to know what that could possibly be - perhaps some of our lady members could enlighten us poor males. All feedback welcome.