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Thread: Handbrake release aid

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    Handbrake release aid


    hope your all well, ice is doing my head in slipped loads this week!!!!

    anyway heres my question

    Does anyone use a handbrake realease aid? i'm thinking of getting one but would welcome any opinions as to current users.

    many thanks

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    A friend of mine had one fitted and she couldn't manage to release it so she had it removed.

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    We rarely use a handbrake, relying on being in gear when we stop. Interesting when test driving new cars as the salesmen always want you to use the handbrake! We only use it when parking on a steep hill or when the dog is in the car, but only if in a manual car. Even my clever cocker would have difficulty in pressing in the button and moving the gear stick on an automatic. BTW loved my volvo automatic that I said I would never have a manual again, they are sooooooooo much easier.

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