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    Best mobility Scooter

    Here at UK Mobility Scooter we are always asked “what is the best Mobility Scooter?” As there are so many makes and models on the Market – each designed for a specific purpose it is impossible to choose one overall winner.

    To help in your search for the best Mobility Scooter we have designed a series of articles reviewing each Scooter category to bring you an unbiased shortlist of Scooters on the Market today.

    Portable Scooters

    If you’re looking for a portable Mobility Scooter then you will be planning to use your Scooter further afield than you local area. Being able to pop your Scooter in your car and take trips, days out and holidays is what portable Scooters are all about.

    A portable Scooter needs to be easily dismantled, light enough to lift, and quickly re-assembled ready to use and enjoy.

    Here’s our shortlist of the “best mobility scooters” on the market today.

    Sterling Little Star (from £399)

    We couldn’t review portable Scooters without mentioning the Little Star, as a small manoeuvrable Scooter, with a carrying capacity up to 18 stone, an 8 mile range and a price under £400 this Scooter is certainly worth considering, especially for occasional use.

    TGA Eclipse (from £695)

    TGA have a reputation for building quality, well designed, British Mobility Scooters, and the Eclipse is another great example of this. Designed to be dismantled with one hand, capable of carrying 21.4 stone up to 18 miles (using a heavy-duty battery) this scooter has a list of features designed around great performance and handling.

    At under £700 this is a quality Mobility Scooter easy transported.

    Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller range (prices from £499)

    Pride, one of the most popular manufacturers on the market has produced a range of portable Mobility Scooters – the Go-Go Elite Travellers.

    The Go-Go Elite traveller

    is one of the most popular Scooters on Britains roads today, carrying up to 19.5 stone, with a 10 mile range, this practical, portable 4mph Scooter is ideal to transport with you. (Prices start at £499).

    The Go-Go Elite Traveller plus 4

    can carry up to 23.1 stone up to 15 miles between charges making it ideal for those wanting to travel further. Its lightweight construction makes it an ideal portable solution.(Prices start at £599).

    The Go-Go Elite Traveller plus 3
    shares many of the key features of the Traveller plus 4 but has a much tighter turning circle making it better for manoeuvring around the house or shops, and weighs 3 kg less making it easier to lift into a vehicle. (Prices start at £685).

    The Go-Go Elite Traveller LX

    is an upgrade on the original traveller 4 offering a range up to 13 miles (heavy-duty battery required), able to be dismantled with one hand, and coming with both red and blue panel colours as standard.(Prices from £650)

    Rascal Liteway 6mph (from £1825) & Rascal Liteway 8 mph (from £1970)

    Liteway 8 Mobility Scooter ReviewRascal Liteway 6 Mobility Scooter ReviewLiteway 8 Mobility Scooter Review - Packs into an average car bootLiteway 8 Mobility Scooter Review - Dismantles without Tools

    If you’re looking for a portable Mobility Scooter but want to use it on the road then these are truly Road Legal portable Scooters. Both have a carrying capacity of 21stone.

    The Liteway 8 can travel up to 28 miles between charges, but the Liteway 6 is 20kg lighter. Both have features to recommend them, and best of all they are both fully portable and will fit into a car boot.

    Pride Maxima (£2395) & Pride Maxima 3(£2295)

    If portability is key but you need a Scooter capable of carrying up to 35 stone then Pride have delivered this in the form of the Maxima, and the Maxima 3. Both capable of carrying up to 35 stone + over a 20 mile range these really are heavy-duty portable Scooters.

    The heaviest component is 32 kg ( 5 stone) so make sure you are able to lift this weight comfortably.

    To see the full reviews, or to read other "Best Mobility Scooter" articles visit

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    helen hunt
    Thanks for sharing such a nice information about mobility Scooter. The need of mobility scooters is increasing nowadays.

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