Had my interview for this yesterday.Along with everything else in the benefits system this too has changed.Used to be a soft soap approach now it's a very,let's call it,robust interview.The psychology is that one is meant to think that he/she is the only person who is disabled and long-term unemployed ie. it is a character flaw and nothing to do with any external factors ie. employers who will not employ disabled people , the economic collapse etc.In other words - bullshit!
Was kept waiting for almost an hour and was interested to see a guy in his 50s or 60 coming out from his interview.He could barely walk and had to hold onto the furniture to stay balanced.What kind of scumbag Tory/Lib Dem bastards are these people who're making a guy like this come in and sign on?It's organised cruelty!
I am now going to see someone at Remploy in the next few weeks.So the Employment Advisor passed me onto the Disability Employment Advisor who has passed me onto Remploy.I shall of course ask the "Advisor" at Remploy how long their company is going to last.