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Thread: Gordon Brown in bid to save 2 Fife Remploy factories

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    Gordon Brown in bid to save 2 Fife Remploy factories

    The man who CLOSED 30 Remploy factories in England tries to SAVE 2 factories in Scotland! A bit of a hypocrite?

    BBC News

    Former prime minister Gordon Brown is to speak in the House of Commons later in a bid to save two Fife Remploy factories.

    The former Labour leader, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, will outline a plan to save the factories, which employ mostly disabled staff.

    He will say they have full order books and an established market.

    Remploy factories in Motherwell, Aberdeen and Edinburgh have already closed.

    When the debate was announced last week Mr Brown said: "If we cannot save these two factories which employ disabled men and women and which have a full order book, a renowned design, a successful product and an established market, it is unlikely that we will save many of the 50-plus Remploy factories around the United Kingdom.

    "So this is a test case of the willingness to invest to ensure a future for disabled men and women who work hard today and want to work in the future."

    A Department for Work and Pensions spokeswoman said: "Our priority throughout the commercial process has been to safeguard jobs, which is why we are offering a wage subsidy of up to £6,400 per disabled employee to encourage interested parties to come forward.

    "We have also been clear from the start that we have protected the £320m budget for disability employment services."

    The government has focused efforts on getting disabled workers into mainstream employment.

    "All disabled employees affected by the changes will be guaranteed tailored support from an £8m package, including a personal case worker, to help with the transition into mainstream employment," the spokeswoman said.
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    Hes my MP and totally agree with you Paul.The mans a hypocrite but feel hes seeking publicity in an attempt to show the locals that hes not just about picking up millions of pounds speaking around the world and that he has genuine interest in the local community.Theres many of the locals who are not even aware hes their MP

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    Liars!Damned liars! And politicians!

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