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Thread: Still alive.

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    Still alive.

    What equipment is available to indicate remotely that I am still alive? I am 91 and live alone without any daily callers. I am concerned that if I am incapacitated or die during the night no one would know and neighbours may not notice a lack of activity. I read some time ago that a sensor (or more than one) could be installed to send a signal if some regular occurrence eg flushing the lavatory, turning on the breakfast television, did not happen by a set time.

    Is anyone able to tell me more, and perhaps give me their experiences and recommendations of any such device?

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    Just as a starting point, the charity Age UK have personal alarms supplied by another company. There's a monthly fee, and on first impressions, these seem overpriced.

    Activity smartwatch and smartphone apps that are used for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, I think, can pick up activity inside a house. But that would need friends or family to spot that there was no activity.

    An option to consider is supported housing. Support varies, but typically there's a nurse on standby on-site.

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    There are plenty of devices but nearly all rely on you pressing a button or pad when you need help, which is not quite what you are looking for.

    In your situation you would be better arranging for someone to call you once or twice a day to make sure that you are OK.
    But recognising that many people do not have someone who can do that there are paid for services.

    A slightly different service is OKEachDay, with them instead of pressing a button when you need help you press it or twice daily to show that you are still OK, if you don't press the button then they will call you to check.
    It costs about £4 a week with Alertacall:

    You can get a month's free trial, here's the OKEachDay website (which is also linked on that Alertacall page):
    Confirm you’re OK each day – once or twice a day by pressing the OKEachDay button on a device we’ll send to you. Alternatively, you’ll receive a friendly phone call from a caring member of our highly trained team at times you have chosen, e.g. 10am. To keep you safe, if ever we’re worried about you, we’ll let people you’ve specified know.

    Perfect for older people, or anyone with health conditions who live on their own, who like to be in control, want to feel safer and want to help reassure friends and family.
    This might sound a bit insensitive/callous, but having died six years ago and been brought back to life (full cardiac arrest, heart was stopped for 20 mins), I've thought about it and come to the conclusion that if I do die at home and nobody notices for a while then it's not going to bother me in the slightest, I'll be dead and someone else will have to deal with it.
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