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Thread: What Would Happen If A Relative Moved In?

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    What Would Happen If A Relative Moved In?


    There's a situation with elderly family member which we don't know what's going to happen at the mo. They may need to move in temporarily or long term or may not at all. I can't give any time scales nearer than that.

    I am on:

    ESA Support Group with IR top up
    Full Council Tax Benefit
    I only pay rent for one bedroom otherwise rent paid. I'm in social housing
    PIP High Mobility Standard Care

    Thank You

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    I took my sister in temporarily some years back. I simply didnt tell anyone, whilst legally it was the wrong thing to do I knew it was only temporary.

    I made sure she didnt change her address on her bank etc.

    If you wanted to be fully honest, inform IR ESA for change of circumstances on household income, and the council for means tested HB/Council tax benefits. They would be reduced or even loss of qualification if that person has any income I expect.

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    It needs looking at carefully, and of course temporary and long term implications will be different.

    The first thing that jumps to mind is that if you have SDP then an adult moving in with you would remove that.
    That especially needs careful thinking with Managed Migration to UC now being upon us.
    (If they are there when you are managed migrated to UC you wouldn't have SDP so wouldn't get a Transitional Adition for it - so if you do have SDP and know such a move is happening then it's worth claiming UC yourself, voluntary migration, before they move in so that you at least get the SDP Transitional Element, which wouldn't then be removed by them moving in - it's a quirk in the migration rules that you can take advantage of in a situation like this, there are other aspects to that regarding UC Housing Element but we can discuss them later if it applies).
    Their income shouldn't otherwise affect your IR ESA, they are not your partner.

    You would no longer have a spare bedroom to pay for, but may only be eligible for half the rent as HB (or UC HE) with efm regarded as being responsible for contributing half even though they are not on the tenancy.
    Council Tax would be down to your councils rules.

    To check the long term implications try putting the details as if efm was living there with you into one of the benefit calculators, use your current benefits (and don't worry what it says about UC which will almost certainly be wrong because it will be for a new UC claim not a migration).
    I usually use the Entitled to one:

    Is efm a pensioner? If not they may also have benefits that might be affected so do the calc again as them.
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    Thank you both.

    Yes EFM is a pensioner.

    That's all I need to know for now, as nothing's for sure at the mo. When things become clearer if there is more I need to know, or if I need to move EFM in then I will come back to start this process.

    Thank You

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