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Thread: Questions about vehicle for wheelchair and all terrain scooter

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    Questions about vehicle for wheelchair and all terrain scooter

    My husband will be unable to manage getting in and out of our current Skoda Yeti car.
    His mobility has changed since he had an accident and he has been in hospital for 5 months. He is also on dialysis so gets tired.
    We are not receiving pip or other benefits he gets attendance allowance.
    My understanding is there is no assistance to purchase a different vehicle which will be essential. If we were able or safely transport him in the right vehicle I would drive him to dialysis 3 times a week.
    Any advice as to any possible financial assistance to get a suitable vehicle.

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    Unfortunately, it appears that you are right, the Motability scheme isn't generally available to people over State Pension Age. This seems quite unfair.

    In 2021, the charity Age UK wrote about this issue in a response to a Parliamentary Advisory Committee consultation on disability and mobility.

    A couple of suggestions, just in case you haven't considered them:

    Getting advice from an Occupational Therapist to see if any equipment or adaptations can be made to your current car.

    There may be a grant to cover the cost of this.

    I read that equipment that is purchased for a disability doesn't attract VAT. I wondered if this extends to buying car. That would be a substantial discount if true.

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    The Motability scheme is linked to the mobility component of DLA/PIP so pensioners who already have either of those benefits still qualify.

    Unfortunately though once you are a pensioner you cannot make a brand new claim for those benefits, you have to claim Attendance Allowance instead which doesn't have a mobility component so doesn't qualify for the Motability scheme.

    And there doesn't seem to be much help with vehicles outside of the Motability scheme, I guess other charities think that Motability has it all covered.

    You would be better looking for a general grant rather than looking for one specifically for vehicles, which will keep tending to throw up Motability.

    You may be able to get the cost of required adaptations to a vehicle.
    Maybe something like a swivelling seat, or slide in and out seat, for your Skoda Yeti so that he can still get in and out of it?

    The VAT relief doesn't depend on the benefits.

    If the vehicle is being 'substantially and permanently' adapted for a wheelchair user then the vehicle itself can be VAT exempt.
    If it's for a non-wheelchair user (or not 'substantial and permanent' adaptations) then only the cost of the adaptations is VAT exempt.

    Generally disability equipment, and mobility aids for the over 60's, are VAT exempt:
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