Good morning my 90 year old mum is bedbound in the lounge now, her OT got a small hoist for her carers to use to get mum out of bed and onto a chair ,however this has proved almost impossible to achieve due to mum having carpet and the hoist is too difficult to move.
Carers suggested OT gets a cantry hoist which would be easier, OT suggested ripping carpet out and putting lino down rather than getting a better hoist, so many issues and problems, don't know where to start, OT has now said no cantry hoists are available so upto now we have got no where and poor mum is still stuck in bed.
Sorry for long post but can I also ask if OT should be coming to help mum with other things like picking up a pen etc and generally some idea on how she can become a little more mobile. King regards Lynne41