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Thread: Time to move to Scotland?

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    Time to move to Scotland?

    Scotland's only an hour and a half up the road from me.
    Eight Scottish social security benefits will be increased by 6% from 1 April.
    Not quite as good news as it first sounds,
    Adult Disability Payment and Child Disability Payment will still increase by 3.1% in line with the equivalent benefits (Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment) which are still administered by DWP under agency agreement. This is to avoid creating a two-tier system where individuals paid by Social Security Scotland are paid more than clients whose cases have not yet transferred to the Scottish system.
    but it's a start and indicates that if that had got DLA/PIP fully transfered over then they also would have got 6% - shows which way Scotland heading.
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    The only way Scotland is heading is downhill. With Wee Krankie running the country all she dreams & craves for is independence.
    No way shape or form can Scotland afford to be independent, £billions of pounds unaccounted for too.
    What happened to the free laptops schoolkids were getting ?
    How many have been handed out yet ????

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