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Thread: National Disability Strategy declared unlawful

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    National Disability Strategy declared unlawful

    The High Court yesterday ruled that the governments National Disability Strategy is unlawful.
    The High Court has declared that the Government’s National Disability Strategy is unlawful due to inadequate consultation with Disabled people.
    The 'Party' party are not having a good week with their disability policies being ruled unlawful are they?
    (As well as numerous other things they've done being investigated as unlawful).

    This ruling is only a declaration that the National Disability Strategy is unlawful, it doesn't say anything about what the government have to do to correct it.

    From the judgement:
    3. The relief claimed is a declaration that the Strategy is unlawful. A claim to quash the Strategy is not pursued. The claimants expect, however, that if such a declaration is made, the defendant will carry out further appropriate consultation with a view to revising the Strategy, if appropriate.
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    If you are wondering what the Disability Strategy is it's here:

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