Touring enthusiast Anne Sprint, 67 from Bradford in West Yorkshire, has been able to continue her lifelong passion for travel thanks to a TV famous ‘rock n roll’ mobility scooter that fits in the back of her motorhome.


Anne has been a camper and caravanner all of her life. She loves outdoor living and since early retirement due to ill health, has spent two weeks of every month touring in her motorhome. Anne has rheumatoid arthritis which means she can drive but when parked up, she struggles to walk far. To solve this she takes an off-road 3-wheel scooter with her that’s called a TGA Supersport.

This scooter looks like a motortrike with black and chrome styling, large wheels and handlebars. With her large motorhome as a base and the scooter garaged inside with ramps, she has explored most of the UK including remote places such as the Outer Hebrides and Orkney Islands. In Anne’s 40 years of touring she has also taken her scooter and motorhome across France, Belgium and Holland. When people say to her ‘why did she buy such a large motorhome?’ she says: “I haven’t bought a motorhome, I’ve bought a posh garage for my Supersport.”

Anne’s world of freedom began back in 2013: “It all started when I saw a music video in which Dizzee Rascal and Robbie Williams sing ‘Goin’ Crazy’ on ‘mod styled’ mobility scooters. I watched this homage to the 1979 film Quadrophenia and saw in the background, a mobility scooter that looked more like a cult classic motortrike. This would be perfect for me as I couldn’t bring myself to buy an old fashioned ‘granny scooter’ as I called them. So, I started researching online and came across the scooter that appeared in the video – it was a TGA Supersport. I discovered it had been built in an Israeli Kubbitz since the 1980’s, it looked tough and its retro rock ‘n’ roll looks were perfect. It didn’t resemble a mobility scooter at all.”

At that time Anne used a trailer which doubled up as a bedroom for her grandchildren and a garage for the Supersport. Eventually after many years Anne and her husband bought their current 6.7m motorhome and a friend added a hoist to pull the scooter up ramps so they could take it away with them.

This motorhome has solar panels on the top so Anne can charge her scooter when onboard ready for adventures in far flung corners of the UK and Europe: “I’ve travelled all my life; you can’t beat it. Without my Supersport I’d have lost that feeling of freedom. As my husband still works I go away most of the time on my own so need a reliable piece of kit. In all the year’s I’ve had my scooter, it’s never failed on me. It also lets me walk my two dogs Taya and Derby who come with me, they are getting on a bit now at 15 so also ride on the footplate!”

When asked about travel highlights and her favourite places, Anne talks about the northern tip of Scotland and the English south coast. “I have so many special memories. I’ll never forget when I took my scooter up the steepest mountain pass in the UK called Bealach na Bà, near Applecross on the north west coast of Scotland. This road has a gradient of 20% in places and I got my Supersport up some of it. Down south I have been holidaying in Folkestone for over 40 years. The beaches are stunning there and I am so glad to hear recently from another TGA owner, that Kent County Council are investing in making more paths and places accessible. Stonehedge was another magical place, I remember we used my scooter for carrying piles and piles of logs for the campfire, so handy.”

The value of independence has been even greater for Anne during the pandemic as she concludes: “Having the scooter and motorhome have been the perfect combination for me to keep travelling whilst avoiding lots of people. As I have an autoimmune disorder it is always best for me to isolate as best I can – my scooter and motorhome let me keep myself to myself. I now know of so many secluded places I can enjoy and without crowds. I say to anyone who enjoys camping, the outdoors, going off road, discovering unusual and remote places, you’ll do no better than getting a Supersport.”