I have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, which I drive. On my last car, I accidentally drove with the handbrake on and this resulted in it failing an MOT. Motability agreed to pay for the repairs that time. The biggest problem was that the handbrake could only be repaired at the converter and therefore by the time Motability transported the car/converter repaired the fault/the car was transported back to me, I was without the car for a couple of weeks.

Several months ago I accidentally drove about 2 car lengths, before I noticed the handbrake was on. I have not been in a hurry to report this, firstly because of my experience above and secondly as I understand it, automatics really don't need handbrake's-putting it in the park is just as good or better, and I never park on hills anyway. Also, unless I am wrong, this will only be an issue once it requires an MOT, which is not until next year (the car is only 2 years old this month/next month [when the converter purchased the car/when I received the car]).

Now my plan was to mention it to the engineer, when the converter does the annual service in the next few weeks. However, typical-between Christmas and New Year the electric wheelchair lock broke and hopefully I will hear from this week (the wheelchair lock repair should be done at my house).

This might be silly but if I am going to be without my car again for a few weeks, I would be happier to have 2 rely on public transport, later in the year when hopefully the virus is not so prevalent.

Any advice?