Long post so sorry in advance. I am my son's appointee for PIP we have had a Motability car since August 2020 (he was having driving lessons through Motability also), the intention was car would be his once he passed his driving test. Car was insured for myself and his dad.

Due to a relationship breakdown (with his dad), the family home had to be sold which my son has really struggled with as we had lived there since he was 2 (he is now 18). We then got caught up in the Purplebricks conveyancer mess, meaning completion didn't happen at said time. We are given social housing in an unfamiliar area for both of us but we have no furniture until completion of house sale, so we book into a hotel for nights of 6th & 7th November. All is ok, we are in a twin room, I drop of night of the 7th, 04.10 early hours of the 8th am woken by my phone, it's the police, they tell me my son is fine, but the car is on it's roof 500 yards from the family home. They are taking him to hospital as a precaution and then he will be arrested as he only has a provisional licence and is not insured. Was I aware he had taken the car, am honest and say no, can they come to hotel and take a statement at which point I break down and refuse as I was going through so much (we both were).

Later on in the day another officer contacts me and asks if I am aware that I can be charged with (can't remember the exact terminology) knowingly giving the keys to someone without a full licence and no insurance, at this point I give a statement. He is then further arrested for aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent (he hit 4 stationery cars as the car flipped onto it's roof). My son is high functioning autistic, very intelligent and certainly knows right from wrong, we'd had the car for 15 months he had never done anything even remotely similar before. I have fully co-operated with police and the solicitor that RSA insurers had to contact me regarding the accident.

On 29th November I contacted RSA regarding a courtesy car as we are in a new area which is a little bit remote, I have yet to leave the house to find out where anything is (I have social anxiety and mobility issues). I am informed that I am not allowed a courtesy car due to the circumstances of the accident, and they haven't yet received their solicitors report to decide how to proceed. Has anyone been through similar, as the man on the phone would not elaborate on what could happen. I understand that I am the official leasee of the car (I could have a motability car in my own right, although I am guessing that would be a firm no at this point given the circumstances).

Am not going to leave anything out that may trip me up later, he hasn't been charged with anything as yet, has been released under investigation as on searching police found a small amount of cannabis on him, so they have to wait for a toxicology report to come back which they said takes 8 weeks as that would obviously make a difference to any charges they pursue.

Don't get me wrong am not for one second condoning what he's done, have explained to him he could have killed himself or an innocent person had it been a few hours later in the day. He also knows he's looking at a long ban and a hefty fine (so police told me).

Could I be pursued for the cost of the vehicle? Will I ever be allowed a car again? How long does the process take before a decision is reached. Thanks in advance.