This is something I have found to be no end of help, simply the wonders of micro fibre cloths, I use one to dry my hair as I insist on keeping my long hair and as a drying aid instead of a towel. There small dimensions are helpful by the lack of weight and they can be found as mittens. The amount of water they hold is something else, and they are easy to wring or squeeze out. Looking on ebay I see that they can also now come as towels in various sizes and are still lightweight and the ones marketed for gymnasium use are treated and will not smell all sweaty and horrible, well you never know!!
Carry one in the car for personal use in case you get wet in the rain, dry that umbrella before you put it away. I know these cloths have a million and one uses around the home and car, and Im only slightly exagerating but new uses for these cheap cloths come to me everyday. Try one you will be amazed.