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Thread: Link To Check If It's A Power Cut

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    When you would like to disown a relative!

    Auntie that's the other side of the family with the Uncle who had bad symptoms & tested positive has now herself tested positive for covid. I've never in all my life met such thick people. They are like that anyway all year round.

    She had put a repeat prescription into the chemist before testing positive. Today she tested positive. The chemist phoned her to say they are ready for collection so she went in to the chemist & picked them up herself.

    When tackled about this she said "well they called me to tell me to pick them up"

    For Fecks sake why would the chemist know you tested positive for covid today. And she said she didn't know she can't go out now she is positive because she has no symptoms

    It's a bit like going into a hospital for an out patients appointment & thinking they caught covid from the letters that are delivered

    Some days I just wish I was thick because then I wouldn't have to feel like this when dealing with thick relatives!

    I feel so very sorry for all the people who were in the chemist with her & who came after her she could of infected lots of people & could kill them. I feel ashamed for her behaviour

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    Its not illegal to go out if youve tested positive and if you dont give two hoots about anyone else you wont see it as doing anything wrong.

    Eventually, sometime this year im sure we will treat covid like the flu. Its obvious the jabs arnt stopping transmission at all but are doing a fantastic job of keeping people out of ICU and preventing huge numbers of deaths.

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    Oh no, I know it's not illegal, but it's morally what you should do.

    Yes there are three groups of people

    1, will self isolate & test until not positive anymore before coming out. (morally right what most people would do or should do to protect lives)
    2, the incredibly thick people despite being over two years in didn't know they should self isolate weather have symptoms or not (which is my relatives above)
    3, People who do what the feck they want when they want weather positive or not

    When you belong to group 1, like me putting up with people from group 2, really sucks so much so I feel shame on their part.

    I totally agree that in time covid will be like the flu, it will cause lots of deaths every year like the flu does but not to the extent that covid has done. Boris or should I say who ever is next in March is supposed to be giving out how we live with covid advice. It has been suggested that testing will be scaled back to just essential people medical, food chain that type of thing.

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    You can see it happening daily in the news.

    The emphasis is gradually shifting to less on hospitalisations and deaths from covid , and much more to on how people having to self-isolate after a positive test is damaging (costing) the economy and meaning there are not enough hospital staff, teachers, and other vital workers available to work.

    They have already cut the number of days isolation recommended.
    It's debatable if they will cut it again in a few weeks, or just scrap it altogether.

    It doesn't matter how many people are infected with something if it's not making them too ill. (or killing too many).
    Vaccination seems to have done that job pretty well.

    It's now the self-isolation requirement with a positive covid test, or contact with someone who has tested positive that is the big issue in the news.
    Once that self-isolation requirement is dropped then covid will basically be on the same footing as the flu currently is.
    ie. Survivable, but changes all the time so needs keeping an eye on.

    Plus that also means testing won't be needed as much, apart for those who may still required to self-isolate if positive.
    (So the government can save money not having to provide as many).
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    Think you are completely right Nuke in everything you said.

    I can also see the daily case numbers that come out stopping soon too.

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    Uncle that lost his brother & sister was still testing positive after the 13th day so he was told to do a PCR. He did & that came back positive, so the lateral flow tests were accurate for him. He did a lateral flow the day after the PCR results & then tested negative for two days so he is clear of it now. He didn't have horrible symptoms but he did have symptoms.

    The other Uncle is now negative he did have bad symptoms but luckily didn't need hospital. He still caughs & has moments in the day when he feels worse. His wife my Auntie who had no symptoms last time speaking she lateral flow tested negative so they were going to do it the next day.

    Elderly family member is awaiting the delivery of lateral flow tests

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    Negative and breathe....

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