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Thread: Link To Check If It's A Power Cut

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    That's funny, uncle just called elderly family member & Auntie just called him & said she can come home tomorrow. So he said she will probably call you when she is home herself

    I know that will of made Aunties life as her worst fear was having to stay there away from Uncle.

    I think it's because she's talked the hind legs off the nurses as she always does

    Here's to many more times where she's driven me up the wall & down the other side again

    Mental illness no matter what one, is a horrific illness to live with for the person who has it & for the people around them. If no one has ever witnessed in person or on the other end of a phone call the terror that people go through when in "crisis" or upset really has not lived.

    There is not enough support for people who do have the courage to seek help, & absolutely zero help for relatives or friends of people who are ill. Having contact with someone who was mentally ill who stopped all contact to be called a month later telling them they were sectioned because they took drugs & all their prescribed medication is an eye opener I will never forget (not Auntie)

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    Elderly family member herd the doorbell go & theer stood Auntie!

    We don't know why Uncle made her go to elderly family member's home instead of just taking her home, but there she stood. She thinks they did it by going down her throat, but they didn't they did it by keyhole surgery because she showed elderly family member her swollen stomach with three bloody holes where the instraments went in.

    She was attached to 5 drips the whole time from coming round from the op to just before they allowed her home. She has no clue what any of them were. We are wondering if it's more of the infusions they gave her before the op to give her a boost, but just guessing here.

    She can only eat very small amounts of light foods & has a diet sheet. She says it hurts more to sit than stand & has to lay on one side when in bed because it hurts too much in any other position. So battered, bruised & home.

    Please please please let her mental health problems stay away so she sticks to the diet sheet & once healed not to touch sugar ever again

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    Well that lasted less than 24 hours.

    She has different pills she was sent home with, she does not know what they are & has this morning not taken them.

    Mental health fecking stinks.

    Just going to let her get on with it now, nothing I can do or say will overcome her mental health illnesses & in fact I think it's feeding into it, very much so thinking about it.

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