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Thread: Sanctions - I never knew that.

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    Sanctions - I never knew that.

    I've just been looking at the November memo from the DWP to Local Authorites about Housing benefit and came across this interesting bit:

    19. From Wednesday 3 November 2021, sanctions can be applied to a New Style Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claim.

    20. Up to now, DWP has not applied sanctions to new style benefits, however, a sanctions process is being introduced which will enable this to happen.

    21. This means that New Style JSA and ESA claimants who do not meet the responsibilities agreed in their Claimant Commitment, without having a good reason, will lose some or all of their payment.

    22. This brings new style benefits in line with legacy benefits and Universal Credit.
    So a jobseeker on New Style JSA could have refused to do any jobsearching and they couldn't sanction them for it.
    Similarly New Style ESA WRAG could have refused to do Work Related Activity without a sanction being imposed.
    And neither of them could have been sanctioned for not attending Jobcentre appointments.

    Of course that's not as good as you might at first think - Without sanctions it meant that the only thing the DWP could do was completely close their claims for not complying.

    There was an oversight in the legislation, one they wanted to keep quiet until they could put it right with an ammendment.
    The Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance (Amendment) Regulations 2021, Eplanatory Notes:.
    2. Purpose of the instrument
    2.1 These regulations correct an error which exists in current regulations causing
    ambiguity, and clarify when sanctions can be escalated.
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    I didn't realise there was a New Style ESA. I know around nine years ago I was told I would be sanctioned if I didn't attend a ESA WRAG interview. Wonder if there'll be claims from NS ESA claimants who found themselves sanctioned before Nov 3.

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