I have been in the support group of ESA contribution based since it started and on Incapacity Benefit back to the 1990s.

In 2012 filled out ESA50 and did not need to go to an assessment. The nurse looking at my ESA50 and paperwork decided work related activity unlikely in the longer term . I have not heard from, them since. I got a copy of the report where the Healthcare Practitioners report stated this.

Now getting on for 10 years later I am wondering why I have gone this long without any further ESA50 Could anyone have an idea why and has this happened to them ? I mean of course I am happy with it but a little uneasy . If they put work related activity unlikely in the longer term but do not put a date for review what happens ?

Have others here experienced a near 10 years without a PCA process ?

Also I was thinking of changing bank accounts . Some banks are offering 100 plus to transfer current accounts and the transfer system would take care of the direct debits and all other issues like that, I'm worried that the DWP whose payments go direcvt into my present current account could be triggered by any action like this into reviewing my casefile in some way That they might wake up to my sleeping file ? Any opinions ?

Thank you