Hi Guys
I am a newcomer to the site and really want to get as much information as possible.
I recently started working as a Motability car salesman and am looking to expand the amount of people that I can help to become more mobile. I am reletivey new to the whole Motability scheme and only had a basic knowledge of the scheme before starting this job. There are several things that I like about this job and I can tell already that I am going to really enjoy it, the first thing that I love about the job is that I can genuinely help people with becoming more mobile. I am also not tied down by the usual constraints that apply to sales people as the figures that I deal with are fairly set in stone and very fair in the first place. This pricing avoids entirely the often agressive and pushy sales pitch that is implemented by some sales people and I can simply offer people a great deal and ensure that they get exactly what they want. Whilst I have done all my research and have spent many hours swatting up on motability and its many rules I have had little opportunity to actually speak to motability customers and ask them how they find the process and what things could be improved. I would love to hear from any motability customers and find out exactly how they find the process and mistakes that I should avoid making. Please If you are a Motability customer then do not hesitate to get in touch with me either to find out specifics about motability and eligibility information or to help me to improve the service offered. I am currently located at Southport Honda and would love to meet more current and prospective motability customers If I am not contactable via the forum then please feel free to pop-in and see me or ring me on 01704500501 and I will be happy to listen and try to help. I assure you I am not the typical pushy sales person, I am here to help and am commited to getting people the right car, if that happens to be a car that they can buy from me then fantastic but if not then I will gladly point them in a different direction to make sure they are not having to live with a car that is not absolutely ideal for them.
Russell Elliot