A statement from Terese Coffey in reply to a Parliamentary oral question about the UC Roll-out on Monday 8th November:

My hon. Friend is right to point out that we undertook some pilot work in Harrogate on the managed migration element of moving everybody to universal credit. I am pleased to say that there was a considerable amount of learnings from that time in Harrogate, and we have also learned a lot during the pandemic. As such, I am not envisaging a need for the pilot to be resumed in Harrogate, but it has informed our plan, which is still in preparation, on resuming the managed move to universal credit.
There were planned to be up to 2,000 'pilot' Managed Migrations, mostly in Harrogate but with some elsewhere.

In the nine months or so before they stopped the pilot because of covid they actually only managed to move 13 people in Harrogate onto UC by Managed Migration.

There's a current FoI to try and find out what the circumstances of those on the pilot were, but it's more trying to find the final numbers 'piloted' and does miss asking what legacy benefits they were on. It also asks in the form of questions, which could give the DWP an easy get-out if they don't want to answer.

So despite that woefully low number migrated on the pilot the government believe that they have leared enough to now Managed Migrate everybody.
They will have learned about migrating WTC/CTC during covid, but that's Tax Benefits not DWP benefits; so once again shows where their priorities lie.

So the pilot is tacitly confirmed as yet another waste of time and money, but I guess we all knew that the pilot was only a cosmetic excercise anyway with any results likely to be ignored if they didn't fit with their plans for migration.