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Thread: Interesting old document - UC Migration.

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    Interesting old document - UC Migration.

    As you are probably aware the government/DWP is now actively encouraging people to 'Check if you would be better off on UC'.
    If you’re already receiving other benefits and tax credits (including Child Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Working Tax Credit), it might be worth considering what Universal Credit can offer.
    So I'm looking into the whole idea/process of moving yourself from legacy benefits to UC.
    (I'll write something about that later when I've looked into it more).

    As part of my looking at it I've just been reading a document from 2019 about how many will need to be Managed Migrated to UC from legacy benefits, and why it's a lot higher than they though it would be.
    It's marked 'Official Sensitive'. (I wonder why? LOL).

    Remember that all of this is pre-Covid.
    So whilst it's still interesting, it's pretty much out of date now.

    They had originally estimated there would be 1.8 million legacy claims, (DWP, Housing Benefits, and Tax Credits), to Manage Migrate.
    But when this document was written in 2019 that had grown to 2.7 million.
    Obviously Covid is going to have changed that again, all those workers on WTC/CTC/HB who have now had to claim UC because of Covid.

    Not as many were Naturally Migrating as they had originally expected, and they couldn't work out why.
    (I could tell them that, the usual government over-optimism and wilful ignorance of facts).

    As they were only planning on capacity for Manage Migrating 1,000 claims a month that would almost double the time it would take.
    Recruiting more staff to do more a month would be too costly an option, and what would they do with the staff afterwards?
    (Perhaps oddly they don't mention contracting it out).
    There were secondary concerns that if they tried to do more each month it would lead to errors:
    ... we could not assure an acceptable level of customer service, particularly to a larger monthly numbers of vulnerable cases.
    So the first thing they decided, with no evidence at all, was that maybe people on legacy benefit were not reporting changes of circumstance that they should, so they asked for fraud in legacy benefits to be monitored.
    (Again typical isn't it? Our figures are wrong, it must be because of claimants fiddling the benefits system).

    They did recognise that people may be choosing not to change circumstances if they didn't have to, eg. by not moving house, not becoming a couple, not having babies, etc.

    They recommend extending the Managed Migration programme to 2024, and that change was announced.

    They also recommended closing a 'loophole' so that once a UC claim is made you couldn't cancel it before the ID verification stage and stay on legacy benefits.
    That has also been done.

    One interesting statement back in 2019 was (my bolding, their typos):
    There are risks of misdirection if the is an active campaign to encourage people to move to UC and potentially an increase in AME costs if large numbers of claimants who may gain in UC chose to migrate ahead of doing so in their Move to UC phase.
    That one seems to have been less well received, and (despite that as pointed out there it may cost them more in benefit payments) the government/DWP is now actively encouraging people to 'Check if you would be better off on UC' which as I said is why I'm looking at this in the first place.
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