Hello Everyone,

This is a question and a update regarding council tax banding and refusing to move us. I spoke to the Valuation Agency who have partially taken up our case for the time being as we are on a high tax band. Chances are we will still be put on a high band but its worth arguing. when looking on the the valuation website it states under the section council tax domestic properties which are in disrepair or are derelict under section 4, 4.2 Renovation and structural alteration, " where the works are underway and are more substantial , including alterations major renovation or other alterations during which it can't be lived in then the band may be deleted."

I spoke to the Valuation agency and they said that because we are still living in a very run down house ,they cannot do anything because we are still in the property even though our council needs to move us. The council are refusing to change our level of council tax to their disabled band. Is this discrimination/indirect discrimination. Just to be clear this is not just a case of paintwork and decoration. It is a health hazard as we have plug points hanging of the wall light switches that swivel (as the plaster is blown). the roof leaks every time it rains heavy so we have a big puddle on the bathroom floor and also inside the front door. There is a gaping big hole in the kitchen ceiling that i have had to cover a with a very big bin bag. I have reported this so many times over six years and nothing has been done. We have had two council surveryors come out and said we need to be decamped but that was over three years ago. My partner is being deliberately discriminated as other people in our street have had work done and we have been left out. Is this disability discrimination ? any help or advice would be appreciated. I still have to go through the council to get environmental health on board. How do we claim for disability discrimination ? We are not asking for the band to be deleted just that we qualify for the disabled band but are not allowed to have it because the council are refusing to carry out works.

we have been in touch with the ombudsman but we have to wait now for a response. Our MP was useless and suggested to go to shelter. shelter only deal with
urgent cases and homeless people at the moment. We are not getting any help at all.

Hope someone can help, many thanks, gerryscarer.