Hi everyone.

Just a quick question.

My OH (other half) has MS. the council know how bad the property is as we had a NHS OT come round and said the bedroom walls are unsafe (blown plaster)to have adaptations. However our predicament is this. We are paying a high council tax band and he would qualify for the disabled banding but the council cannot do adaptations. I have tried several times in complaining to the local authority and our housing liasion officer. (who apparently still works in the offices but has not contacted us in over two years and was forced to write to us only because we complained to our MP) We had a visit from her but that was two years ago and now we are at the ombudsman stage of complaining as we need to move to a ground floor place. OH does use a wheelchair but has to stay upstairs for meals and use of toilet as it is on the same floor and very close by.

Our problem is this, if we apply for the council tax disabled band we are unlikely to qualify for it because we do not have adaptations and chances are that we would be put on a higher banding because of the area yet we cannot afford the council tax we are on, so we are stuck, any advice on what we can do would be greatly appreciated. The council have not done repairs to this property like replacing our front door for over FOUR YEARS despite numerous complaints. We have been told unofficially that people on medical grounds (band A) in this borough still have to wait more than a year to move, however in the meantime the council could carry out these long overdue repairs but nothing is happening. Even contacting our MP was pointless as our MP was unhelpful and just suggested contacting shelter. organsiation.

many thanks,