(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.)

Hi Guyís,

I wonder if anyone could give me some suggestionsÖ

Iím looking to buy and all terrain Scooter to go one some good, long walks with my dog. Iím struggling to put my chair in the boot and walking round to the drivers seat as it is. I have a Pride GoGo Elite Sport which I can also just about get in and out of the car on my own and friends help if Iím walking with them. (Thatís a pretty decent Scooter and I can almost guarantee that itís been where no other Scooter has been.)

As I say though, Iím looking to get an all terrain Scooter but my problem is transporting it. Iíve been looking at WAVís as I thought they might solve both problems; a, easier to get in with the chair and b, the Scooter, but as of yet Iíve not found one where the ramps wide enough to take a wide, all terrain Scooter (I am still looking though). Then itís whether or not I could get a Grant from Motability to help toward a WAV as although I always pay a big deposit for a high spec car, I canít afford a 15-20k+ deposit or down payment actually.

I also have another ideaÖ Get a trailer to pull the Scooter, ideally a box trailer. Then get, Iím not sure what theyíre called but those 4 wheeled walkers with the seat on? I could have that on the passenger seat, get it out, scoot on it to the trailer, get into the trailer on my knees and up onto the Scooter. Not ideal but doable.

Has anyone else got/had the same problem and how have you managed to transport an all terrain or just a bigger Scooter in general?

I went to Naidex last week for some ideas, not been for years and as ever it was a complete waste of time!