Are you claiming Working Age Disability Living Allowance?

What’s happening?

Processes are being created to transfer existing DWP clients over to the new Scottish social security system, called Social Security Scotland. Some people who currently claim Working Age Disability Living Allowance (WA DLA) may transfer from DWP to Social Security Scotland in the next two years. Social Security Scotland want to make sure that these client’s needs are accommodated when this happens.

What’s involved?

Social Security Scotland want to speak to people who currently claim WA DLA in one-to-one conversations , either over the phone or by video call. The conversation should take no more than one hour and all views would be treated as confidential and anonymous.

They will use the information provided to develop processes for WA DLA in Social Security Scotland.

They want to reassure anyone interested in taking part that this will not affect any existing WA DLA Award status and will NOT have any impact on individuals personally. They stress that this has nothing to do with moving people to another payment PIP (Personal Independence Payment). They know that there are only a small number of clients claiming WA DLA and are keen to talk to as many people as they can to ensure that everyone’s needs are well represented in the new process.

Are you claiming Working Age Disability Living Allowance (WA DLA)?

If the answer to most – or all – of the following statements is ‘yes’ then there is a good chance you are on WA DLA. If so, Social Security Scotland would like to hear from you.

o I am aged between 25 and 73 years old.
o I live in Scotland.
o I am able to work but it depends if I am well enough at the time or if I can find a suitable job.
o I have been receiving my disability living allowance benefit from DWP, for my disability for over 10 years.
o I have not had a review about my benefit for a very long time.
o My condition has got worse and when I told DWP about this change they suggested I apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) instead.
o I get letters from DWP telling me that I will likely be transferred to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) instead of the benefit I am on.
o I know people who have moved onto Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and I am worried I will be moved as well.
o I do not want to have to go through a DWP face-to-face assessment.
o I may also be on a benefit called Employment Support Allowance (ESA).
o I am entitled to a mobility vehicle if I need one.

Who to contact

If you would like more information or to get involved, contact Geraldine O’Riordan at Social Security Scotland. She is a senior user researcher working on the set up of the new system. Her email address is geraldine.o'