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    Does anyone know the latest ESA reassessment situation with COVID backlog? I am “due” at the end of this year.
    Thank you

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    Are you on Income or New Style ESA?

    I would expect a while; I had to wait whole year for Face to Face and now in MR stage, promises not kept and many missed things on my report and some errors.

    I hope you get sorted soon too

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    I’m on old style contribution esa since 2015 and have not been reassessed at all. I have long term illness which will not improve. The ESA85A said no improvement in longer term. I was just wondering about COVID backlog with esa review?

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    I was due one two years ago I think for straight cut case's if they have enough information they do it on paper but you probably won't know until a we've looked at your claim letter arrives. But they're way behind so don't hold your breath and they use generic white letters now instead of brown.

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    My review prognosis date for IR ESA was due at the end of last month (August). My ESA85a report said 'review in the medium term'. A decision was made by the DWP to put me in the Support Group in March 2020, just before the first lockdown. I have not received an ESA50 yet from Maximus (CHDA) which I assume is sent out weeks before the review date in normal times. I expect there is a backlog due to COVID... perhaps being short-staffed as a lot of health professionals who do the assessments returned to the NHS during the height of the Pandemic lockdown and there were a lot of new ESA applications still to get through.

    I daren't ring the DWP ESA helpline to find out, as it might trigger the reassessment process? I wonder if phoning Maximus instead and asking if they have a live referral for me might be safer?

    I know a lot of people who were expecting to be reassessed earlier this year during the lockdown did phone the DWP and found out their reviews had been deferred for a year or two. Wonder if with the backlog the DWP are still doing that.

    Every day I dread the post. Hate this.

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