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Thread: This gonna be interesting

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    This gonna be interesting

    OK The 20.00 uplift is being stopped (disabled groups are gonna fight that) but now the DWP are been taken to court as to why they never gave the uplift to legacy benefits if they cant find a good excuse then those on legacy benefits might be in line a nice little windfall (In the 1000s) but again Im not holding my breath! It will be good to watch

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    Old news.

    The DWP excuse was that it was too complicated for the DWP computer system which is a load of BS!

    With the additional £20 announcement to UC in March 2020, all the DWP simply had to do was to have added the extra £20 to April 2020 increase.

    In the case of ESA (for over 25s) you would have just set the Personal Allowance variable to £94.35 not £74.35 in the computer program.

    FYI the windfall will be about £1500

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