There's a LOT to read here & I've just skimmed. So I will try & break it down:

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Part 1: practical steps now to improve disabled people's everyday lives

Rights and perceptions: removing barriers to participating fully in public and civic life and wider society

Removing historic barriers to participation in public life

New campaigns to inspire social change across the UK

Improving access to justice

Improving access to courts and legal support

Supporting disabled victims and witnesses

Improving frontline staff’s understanding of neurodiversity

Tackling crime against disabled people

Ensuring protection at home

Housing: creating more accessible, adapted and safer homes

Boosting the accessibility and supply of housing for disabled people

Extending tenants’ rights on accessibility

Ensuring the safety of disabled people

Transport: improving the accessibility and experience of everyday journeys

Transforming the accessibility of the railway station network

Improving disabled people’s experience of travelling by train

Improving the accessibility of buses, bus stations and bus stops

Tackling shortages in community transport drivers

Improving the accessibility of taxis and private hire vehicles

Making ‘lifeline’ ports more accessible for disabled passengers

Creating accessibility standards for electric vehicle charge points

Improving the Blue Badge scheme

Tackling pavement parking

Jobs: making the world of work more inclusive and accessible

More support for disabled people to start and stay in work

Transforming Access to Work

Encouraging employers

Disseminating best practice to employers

Disability Workforce Reporting

Expanding supported employment services

Strengthening rights for disabled people in the workplace

Introducing unpaid carers’ leave

Supporting disabled entrepreneurs

Supporting disabled civil servants to thrive at work

More opportunities for disabled people to serve in Defence and the security agencies

Education: ensuring children and young people fulfil their potential

Delivering the SEND Review

Funding for educating those with complex special educational needs and disabilities

Investing in school accessibility and capacity

Training for all schools and colleges in supporting children and young people with SEND

Training more educational psychologists

Involving families of children with SEND in service design

Smoothing transitions to adulthood

Supporting pathways to employment

Shopping: more consumer choice and convenience

Transforming the accessibility of our towns and high streets

Driving innovation in assistive technology

Improving the accessibility of private sector websites

Appointing more business leaders to promote accessibility in their sectors

Leisure: widening access to arts, culture, sport and the great outdoors

Widening participation in art, culture and sport

Making the UK the most accessible tourism destination in Europe

Improving access to nature

More inclusive playgrounds

Public services: making access as smooth and easy as possible

Improving access to disability benefits

Health and adult social care reform

Improving disability data and evidence

Supporting autistic people and people with a learning disability

Improving the accessibility of online public services

Part 2: disabled people's everyday experience at the heart of government policy making and service delivery

Disabled people at the heart of government policy making and service delivery

Transforming evidence and data

Reforming government procurement to drive better outcomes for disabled people

Enhancing our engagement with disabled people

Ensuring that our communications are accessible

A world-leading Centre for Assistive and Accessible Technology

Leading internationally

Tracking progress

Part 3: a cross-government effort to transform disabled people's everyday lives

Cabinet Office

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Department for Education

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Department of Health and Social Care

Department for Transport

Department for Work and Pensions

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Home Office

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Ministry of Justice