Hello. I took my state pension last April 2021 so new to it. Before that i was on esa (Income based) and i knew where i stood when it came to dentist & opticians (no charge) Now i am in that area where i"m not sure if they can slap a big bill on me if i needed lets say, dental work for instance. I get SP of £198.63 a week. Prev esa £135 pw. The diff being £63 ish a week but, after the council puts their sticky fingers through it i have to pay £39 towards rent and £13.25 CT a week. So i"m still better of with pension to the tune of £10.75 a week. ("WOW" that wil buy you a tin of snuff and a news paper.) So, don"t know if i would have to pay for things now! Thanks.