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Thread: Post Office card account Important Changes

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    Post Office card account Important Changes

    Important changes to your Post Office card account
    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will not be renewing their contract with Post Office to provide POca.
    I received a letter off the Post Office yesterday advising me that they will be closing Post Office Accounts in November 2021 so if any of you still use the service the time is running down. I think overall its under a million now still using the service but just making anyone aware rather than leave it and be caught out. Hope you're all keeping well.

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    This has been known about for a few years now and has had previous threads on here.

    You should get that letter from the DWP if you are still getting benefits paid into a PO card account.

    When you open a bank account to have your benefits paid into then you can still withdraw money from your bank at a post office counter.
    And of course you can use ATMs (Cash Machines).
    The banks have an arrangement with the Post Office to facilitate that:
    So if there is no bank branch, or cash machine, near you you can still use the Post Office as your bank counter.

    You can also use your bank card to buy from the supermarket/shop (even Cafes and Pubs) and if you ask for 'Cashback', they'll (usually) give you money from your bank account.
    A new law has just been passed to allow them to give you 'Cashback' without you having to buy anything. They don't have to do cashback though.
    So even if the Post Office is shut (or there is no nearby PO) you may be able to get cash from a shop.
    (As long as the shop has enough cash in the till of course).

    If you are unable for some reason to open a Bank/Building Society/Credit Union account to get your benefits paid into then there is a fallback called the "Payment Exeption Service".

    But it's very much a last resort, it's really meant for homeless etc. who can't get a bank account because eg. they have no address.

    You get a card, (or a voucher by email, or a text with a code), which you can then use to draw up to 100 at a time from any shop with a 'Paypoint'.
    For security you will need to show ID each time.
    Sombody else can draw it for you, they will need to show your ID and their ID. (If you have an appointee they will get the card not you).
    (You can draw 100, then another 100 at the same time, etc. as long as the money is there).

    You have to draw the full amount within 30 days, you can't let it build up.

    There are more details of the PES here:
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