As you probably remember I had a problem accessing cash as well as many others during the pandemic & Age UK has picked this up that a lot of older people had the same problem. The Government are trying to put through that you can access your cash from a shop without having to buy anything. Which will help a lot of people.

But for me personally that would not of worked as it's very hit & miss mostly miss that I could go out & access my local shops. They still are not addressing the problem of housebound people who also need access to cash. To access cash I have to give my bank card & pin number to a family member to get cash out for me.

Housebound people for many many years have been forgotten about & there was a slight chance that after most of the world went into lock down people for the first time found out how hard it is to live like that. But the more that people are let out & about & to be able to do the things they used to again the further away anything will be done to help housbound people access the most simplest thing as cash.