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Thread: Jeez They Knew My Full Name!

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    Curry's sell your details on.

    I've brought three times something from them last year/this year & all three times I get an onslaught of scam phone calls. You can't buy anything online without putting a phone number. I really don't like Currys/PCworld anyway but couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else. Think it's coming to the stage of if I can't find it anywhere else I won't have it rather than being hounded.

    Nuke I've heard of the "brushing" scam. You can tell when reviews are fake because they are always very similar to each other just changing a few words each time.

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    With junk mail delivered through the letter box I always return it in the pre paid envelope if there is one. Marking NO MORE JUNK MAIL usually puts a stop to the junk mail especially when they are paying mostly first class postage.

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    I just open the envelopes take out the return ones which I use to put my laundry money in ready for the laundry collection, the rest I dump in recycling. In all honesty we do get few.

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