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Thread: Watching Catch Up TV On Your TV

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    Watching Catch Up TV On Your TV

    I was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to watch the catch up apps on your TV?

    My 10 year old TV gave me a blank screen & just sound the other day thankfully it's back now after switching everything off & then back on after a while. Looking at all the new TV's they have either Freeview (which I'm used to) or Freesat & then the catch up apps on the TV's that you make an account for each one then sign in on your TV.

    Is it safe to do that?. I remember reading or hearing sometime in the past that people can get to your info if you use the internet on your TV?. Thinking about it in a common sense frame of mind dose not sound right as it's going to use Wi-Fi from my Virgin router, & that's supposed to have security on it


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    If you are connecting a smart TV to the internet then it's just the same as any computer and should have AntiVirus protection.

    (The same applies to anything that you can connect to the internet, to a greater or lesser degree depending on what it is).

    Smart TV's come with an AntiVirus built in, and that AV will update itself automatically.
    Modern TV's usually update themselves at 3 AM, which is why you are usually told to leave them on standby rather than turning them off altogether when you go to bed.

    That, and your routers firewall/AV, should be plenty of protection.

    The good news is that while a smart TV can be virused/hacked just like anything computer it's not realy worth anyones time.
    There is very little data stored on the TV, and not usually any personal data, so it's just not worth anyone trying to steal it.

    Possible but not realy worth worrying about is if the TV has a camera for video messaging then someone could hack into that camers and watch you.
    But that's just the same as any laptop webcam, a little cheap sliding cover, or a cheaper bit of tape, over the camera lens will soon prevent that.
    You should also be able to disable the camera (and microphone) in the TV's settings.

    TBH video doorbells and wifi CCTV are easier to hack than a smart TV

    Concieveably someone could hack in to the TV and change channels, volume, etc. remotely, but that's childish rather than malicious.

    And of course for any of that to happen someone would have to hack in to you router or wifi network before they could even start.

    Of course there will always be someone trying to scare you into buying their 'Protection' that isn't realy needed and is basically just a scam to get your money.
    Samsung TV's are apparently a target for such scams because they use the Android operating system. (Possibly some cheaper brands too).
    (And it's pretty easy to write apps for Android that will mess with your settings to make you think something is wrong, when in fact it's the 'protection' itself that is doing it - usually they tempt you to download a free trial, that messes with your settings, and they they ask you to pay for the 'full protection' to fix what the trial is messing up).

    PS. If you want free catchup then there are BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and All4 without the need for other apps.
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    Thanks Nuke that's put my mind to rest.

    I would only use the catch up apps that are installed on the TV already BBCiplayer ITV hub & so on. I'm used to having a box that records the programmes when on live TV, the old fashioned way

    Funnily enough it will be a Samsung

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    If you get a black screen but still get sound then usually the main reason for this is a build up of Static Electricty. All you need to do is to Switch off the TV and remove the Plug. Wait 30 secconds and reconnect. Then switch your TV back on and it should be back to normal. The more you use your TV the quicker the build up of Static.

    This happens from time to time and is nothing to worry about. In the past 5 years this has happened to me at least 3 time on two seperate TV's. It has nothing to do with Streaming Catch-up or any other Streaming Service, ie Prime TV, Netflix, Acorn TV, Star TV Disney TV. I know all of these are safe as I have them all.

    Please note that the build up of Static can also apply to other equipment which can affect the preformance of the Equipment. It can happen to any of the following - SKY Box, Freesat Box, Humax Box, FreeView Box, DVD Players etc etc.
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    Thank You,

    That puts my mind at rest over the apps. I'm OK at the mo, thanks to Nuke, until the next benefit review next July which is ESA & know there is no end date just a prognosis date so could go months or even years more than my prognosis date.

    I've had to scrape around for years but while I have this window of being in a better position I'm treating myself to a new one which hopefully will give me many more years even when things get tough again. I will be sad to see her go but it's the right time to do it now

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