Ok, this is perhaps going to sound a little weird, and it may well be just my paranoia kicking in, but I heard reports a while back, that the DWP were going to start placing hired staff (I'm not sure if they were going to be medically qualified, or not) into GPs - I assume the plan was to "assist" people in getting back to work. And I was wondering, did this ever happen? And did it ever happen in other parts of the NHS, such as say, psychology?

My reason for asking, is my situation is basically this, I was assigned to one NHS psychologist, who I was generally happy with, but then they,
apparently, left for another role. And I was then assigned to another, who had came from another part of the country (because things felt a little odd, I
googled them). And the thing is, I've never been that happy with my new psychologist. There's nothing overtly hostile about them, but it's little things. I
get "strange vibes" off them, is the best way I can describe it, and sometimes their attitude to me seems strange, like there's an agenda there that isn't
what it's supposed to be.

I just don't feel I trust this psychologist, and don't really feel free to talk to them freely about my problems because of it. Which I don't really think is the
right place to be with your psychologist (P.S. Does anyone know the best way of going about changing your psychologist, preferably without ending up
back on a huge waiting list?)

Even the staff/secretaries at the department I visit, also seem off with me when I go in, as well, as if they're not happy about something, when they
seemed fine before. It's possible they just don't like me, of course (although I'm not sure what I've exactly done to upset them), but something just feels
off and strange.

So, I don't know, am I just being paranoid, or can someone not directly employed by the NHS be placed in this situation? Or could someone have
another employer as well as the NHS in this situation? And if it's possible, can this be kept from the patient?

Sorry if this is sounding a bit bonkers.

Thank you kindly for any help or advice.