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Thread: Benefits & dentist

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    Benefits & dentist

    Hi all. I receive UC LCWRA & council tax support - does anyone know if this means I should receive free dental treatment or pay a lower rate? Thanks.

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    With UC-LCWRA you are entitled to free healtcare costs, including free dental treatment, as long as you don't earn more than £935 in the previous UC month.

    You should present a copy of your Universal Credit award notice to prove your entitlement. You'll need to have met the eligibility criteria in the last completed Universal Credit assessment period before your health costs arose. The NHS Business Services Authority provides an online eligibility checker.
    Heres the link to that eligibility checker:
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    Thanks for the links!

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    Sorry for hijacking the thread but im relatively new to benefits, im on UC and LCWRA but how can you earn £935 if your on LCWRA? I thought you were in this group because you couldnt work. Over the last 3 months ive sold some items on ebay that because of the current situation im in i will never be able to use them again and the money has gone into my bank account which is just over £1000, is this classed as income i should tell them about on my journal?

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