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Thread: Disabled Facilities Grant Equipment

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    Disabled Facilities Grant Equipment

    3 years ago, I had a shower room turned into a wet room in my house which I rent from the local housing association. I was given a special toilet that is electric and performs cleaning functions necessary for my disability. Prior to this I had a similar toilet but that was from a different company.

    Anyway, the three year manufacturer warranty has expired on it and I’m finding it difficult to get it repaired now. The previous toilet was serviced and repaired by Social Services on an annual basis but this one I am now being told is my own responsibility.

    Unfortunately, because it is of a specific design then the repairs can only be performed by the manufacturers I’m selves and no one else. Must be due to the fact that local technicians might not have the expertise. It is currently not working and this is the second time that it has stopped functioning within three months and I am now being told that it will cost me over £300 to get it fixed.

    Does anyone else have any experience with this kid of thing? I was on the thought that social
    Services or the housing association would be responsible for its upkeep. Especially the yearly service as it is an electrical apparatus used for my special needs.

    Also, the manufacturers charge too much. Has anybody had a similar Geberit toilet repaired themselves without the need of the manufacturers?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    What model of Gerberit is it? (An Aquafresh maybe?).

    What is the actual fault - is it with the flushing or with the cleaning function?

    Whilst I'm not familiar with Gerberit toilets; Gerberit spares and replacement parts are widely available from plumbing and DIY outlets.

    Which indicates that it doesn't need the manufacturer to fix them, and plumbers and DIY'ers are fixing them when needed.
    (They wouldn't sell the spares if people weren't buying them).

    I'd try contacting a few local plumbers telling the toilet model and what isn't working. (If a plumber finds that it need an electrician he'll know one who can help).

    As for who is responsible for paying for repairs servicing that will depend on what basis the equipment was supplied.
    For instance I've just moved into a HA flat and didn't have a cooker, so the HA are buying me one out of their welfare fund, (being delivered by Argos later this morning), but that will be classed as a 'gift' and I'm responsible for getting it fitted and maintaining it.
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