This shouldn't affect may here, but it may do for a few.

The DWP have started checking the details of those who signed onto UC during the pandemic and didn't go to a jobcentre for a verification interview.
In the early stages of the pandemic last year, the DWP introduced new measures to make sure people could apply for benefits quickly, without the need to visit a Jobcentre. This meant that some of the requirements relating to proof of identity, housing costs and household circumstances were eased.

The DWP is now looking at all claims made in the early stages of the pandemic and asking people for this evidence to support their application. People who claimed New Style JSA and New Style ESA last spring may also be contacted.
If you canít provide the right evidence, or you cannot be contacted by officials seeking to verify your claim, your payments could be stopped or changed.
If you are on UC and this may apply to you then keep an eye out for a message on your Journal.