No not from the forum.

As some of you are aware I've been in the process of getting a Social Housing 1-bed flat.

I have just recieved by email the official 'Offer of Housing' letter.

The flat is mine - if I still want it after viewing.

A video viewing that they have yet to send me.
The keys will be in a key safe at the property, I'll get an access code once I've signed the documents (electronically) and paid a weeks rent in advance.

So documents etc. need to be signed and a tenancy start date agreed.

I'm debating whether to switch to UC, even though I don't have to as it's the same LA so HB is still payable if I don't want to migrate.
But a two week benefit overlap, and a UC advance, may come in handy for advance rent and for moving.
I'll have to think about timings etc. there.

Busy days ahead, lots to think about and do.
But first things first - Clebration time.