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Thread: Blue Badge Renewal and PIP extended

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    Blue Badge Renewal and PIP extended

    I just got an email informing me my blue badge is due for renewal in August. Which is the month my PIP was due, but its been extended to May 2022. It seems if I renew badge now it will cost 10 and only last until May 2022. Then if PIP is extended again or I get PIP again after medical I'd need to renew again. Seems unfair to charge 10 for 10 mth when it was always for 3 years with DLA. Anyone else had issues like this and know if anything can be done about it or just pay up and look happy.

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    You could try ringing the council and telling/asking them that your PIP has been extended so shouldn't the blue badge also be extended to cover until it's new end date.

    I don't think there is actually anything to say that should be the case. - But the council won't know that your PIP has been extended unless you tell them and so it's worth a try for the cost of a call, and as the old saying goes if you don't ask you won't get.

    If you are lucky they'll just change the end date of the BB.
    If you are unlucky you'll have to pay to renew.

    Please let us know how you get on, I'm sure other BB holders will be interested.
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    Rang them today. They cannot extend a blue badge expiry date as its printed on the badge, despite checking my account with badge no, they say it shows on their system PIP extended to May 2022. I said surely you can send a sticker out to cover it with a stamp on or something, but no, I have to pay 10 with a 10 mth expiry date. Fuming tbh, I dont even leave the house. But if I dont get it, my mate driving wont be able to park near the Medical Centre if/when I get a Medical. So I must pay it. I know 10 aint much, but its principal of it knowing it used to last 3 years on DLA regardless of how long you had, it would just be cancelled if you got knocked off Mobility. Seems the council are basically entitled to rob the disabled like this. I've asked to lodge an official complaint, but doubt anything will happen. I was on DLA for 18 years, then got PIP Mobility for 3 yrs, plus 10 mth extension. Its not likely I should lose it if they are fair tbh.

    Also its 10 weeks before expiry date, but they say renewal can take 12 weeks, hence why I need to renew now.

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    If you renew your Blue Badge it will last for three years. If you do not get PIP in 2022 it will not affect your Blue Badge and it will remain valid for the full three years. You do not have to receive PIP to get a Blue Badge. When your Blue Badge runs out in three years and you have if no longer have PIP, you can still apply for a New Badge. All you need to do is to give a full description on your medical condition, ie you can only walk a short distance etc. Then the Council will decide if you should have a Blue Badge or not.

    The first time I got a Blue Badge back in 2005 I was not in Receipt of DLA but they awarded me a Blue Badge as I was Diabetic and I also could not walk far. I have to pay 20.00 for a Blue Badge as I live in Scotland.
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