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Thread: Is This Discrimination?

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    Is This Discrimination?

    Last December I was lucky enough to get a flat in a new development for the over 55s and disabled. It's a new idea and is the first of its kind in the UK (an experiment) - like a cross between a care home and assisted housing with full-time staff.

    As I use a wheelchair, I got a ground floor flat with a wet-room. The flat is wonderful and I consider myself very lucky to have it - it took well over ten years of fighting with 'officialdom' to get social housing having lost my house in a split with the ex.

    Anyway, to the point of this post:

    Before I accepted tenancy, I was assured there was a door to the outside within a few yards of the door to my flat. I never got to see the flat before I moved in - just some photos. Sure enough, there is a door and it has a door-entry system etc. which is great. However, it is very heavy to open even for an able-bodied person, but impossible for a wheelchair user to open from the outside as it is at the top of a ramp and the door opens outward.

    I can exit the building via this door, but to get back into the building I have to go around to the front entrance (up a steep hill) and in through Reception where the doors are automatic. Then I have to use a very small lift (I use a powerchair, so hardly big enough) to get back down to my flat. This forces me to mix with others when I have spent the last fifteen months self-isolating because of vulnerability (I have breathing issues too).

    I think that door should be powered like the ones at the front of the building - especially as most people on this floor have serious mobility issues and can't use the door if they use a walker or a wheelchair. However, the designers/builders insist they only need to provide the powered door in Reception.

    As it's only able-bodied people that can use this door, I consider this as discriminatory and as it's on the floor that's full of 'raspberries' we should all have equal use of it.

    Am I wrong?
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