Hi everyone! My name is Luke and I'm working as a research assistant for Royal Holloway University on the StoryFutures project. We're building an accessible, immersive storytelling app using virtual and augmented reality technology.

To make our app accessible to all, we would like to speak to people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, sensory overload issues, dexterity issues or dyslexia. We want to ask what features the app should have in order to improve user experience.

To do this, we will conduct short interviews via Zoom. We will record these interviews for transcription purposes, but the video and audio recording and all personal information will remain anonymous and confidential. Participants will recieve a 20 gift voucher for their feedback!

If you are interested please contact tendproject2021@gmail.com - please note we will be able to provide BSL interpretation if required. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!