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Just to note that NS ESA is not a 'Legacy Benefit' - it's a 'New Style' benefit and is Contribution Based only.
The legacy benefit is 'Old Style' ESA.

Presumably you have savings/capital that prevent you from claiming UC as well as NS ESA? Even though you did qualify for WTC.

It's slightly odd in that way because although Tax Credits are Income Related they don't have any savings/capital limit like all the other IR benefits do
So you could still get WTC/CTC even if you had savings/capital over £16,000 that would stop you getting other IR benefits.
That difference is because Tax Credits are administered by HMRC not by the DWP. And it's one of the reasons why they are being migrated to UC, so as to come under the same limits.
Partner works 10hrs a week but she has in stocks and shares paid from an accident compensation (before we met) 25 years ago so we cannot claim any income based benefits.
So unless I get support group from my recent assessment I shall have zero entitlement from December 2022 except NI credits.