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Nope just typed as normal, they ask for capitals because handwriting can be unreadable
(Mine is to most people).

First time I stapled in two halves and then stappled some of the middle sheets together, bit fiddly.

Since then I've punched them and used file clips or legal clips, cheap enough and better than staples for lots of pages.

Not been round to the flat, couldn't do anything but look through the windows anyway.
Instead of making a new thread thought I'd just reply to this.. Regarding telephone assessments can you refuse to do it?? I feel the reasons I'm in the Support Group are MH based, yes I do have some physical issues but mainly MH... Ever assessment I've ever had has been at my home aka home assessment, I've always provided a letter from my GP stating why I'd need a home visit... But with COVID19 I'm unsure how a telephone call can benefit anyone who has MH issues... I'd prefer to be seen so they can understand what problems and issues I face. Obviously haven't been called yet to submit an ESA50 but I will put in my home visit letter among other evidence and see what the outcome is but surely I can firmly request a home visit over a telephone call?