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We know that they are changing the wording etc. of some forms at the moment, so the one you got may be a trial or 'beta' version.

(I've seen one version of the AR1/PIP.1043 where all the usually seperate notes had been included in the main form, making it more pages than ususal).

Yes, fill it out as if this were a brand new claim. Especially if there isn't a 'No change' box.

All PIP reviews/reassessments are in fact new claims, it's just that the DWP don't call them new claims because they know you have qualified previously.

You can never assume that the the person looking at it this time has access to what you put previously, (they may have but may not), so cover yourself by stating it all again.

We always advise that you should keep a copy of anything you send to the DWP, that way you have a record of what you said last time if/when you need to say it again.
thats great, thank you